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23342 Brewing / Brewery Operations Experience : Home Brewer, Cellarperson, Warehouse, Packaging, Quality Assurance (QA)
Brewing and Distilling - Bachelor's Degree
23343 Administrative or Other Experience :
Brewing / Brewery Operations Experience : Logistics and Distribution
Human Resources / Safety Experience : Human Resources Manager
Capital Projects Experience : Project Management
Commercial Strategy Experience : Supply Chain / Procurement
Environmental Studies - Bachelor's Degree
23344 Brewing / Brewery Operations Experience : Brewmaster - Masters Degree Formally Educated/Trained, Brewer, Home Brewer, Tasting Room Server/Bartender, Quality Assurance (QA)
Food Science and Technology - Bachelor's Degree
23345 Brewing / Brewery Operations Experience : Brewer, Home Brewer, Cellarperson, Packaging, Tasting Room Manager
Honors in Chemistry - Bachelor's Degree
General Certificate in Brewing - Certification
23370 Administrative or Other Experience :
Financial / Investment Experience : Business Plans, Interim Plant Manager / Mentoring, Strategic Aquisitions
Transport Logustics - Bachelor's Degree
English, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian
24174 Brewing / Brewery Operations Experience : Head Brewer, Brewer, Home Brewer, Packaging, Tasting Room Manager
international business and trade - Bachelor's Degree
English, Spanish
23377 Administrative or Other Experience :
Management - Bachelor's Degree
23384 Brewing / Brewery Operations Experience : Brewer, Home Brewer, Cellarperson
Brew and Beverage Technologist -
Brewer and Maltser -
Brew and Beverage Technology -
English, German
23628 Brewing / Brewery Operations Experience : Director, Brewery Operations, Brewmaster - Masters Degree Formally Educated/Trained, Quality Assurance (QA), Brewing Process Consulting
Engineering Services Experience : Brewing Process Requirements and Design
Business - Bachelor's Degree
Brewing Analysis B.S. - Bachelor's Degree
23403 Brewing / Brewery Operations Experience : Brewery Operations Manager, Head Brewer, Brewer, Recipe Development, Continuous Improvements
Music Therapy - Associate Degree