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Banff, AB, CA 

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Brewery Operations Manager

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Brewery Operations Manager
The Brewery Operations Manager is responsible for all aspects of the beer production process and day-to-day operations of the brewery. It is a high-level role which involves many different tasks including brewing beer, recipe creation, managing brewery staff, making purchasing decisions, building relationships with customers and other businesses, setting production goals and managing resources.

The Brewery Operations Manager is highly experienced with the beer brewing process and is ultimately responsible for the quality of beers that our brewery produces. They will be involved with creative decisions including what kinds of beer to produce, where to source the highest quality raw materials and what machinery should be used in the production process.

They must also consider the marketability of the beers they intend to produce and work in conjunction with marketing staff and the brewery owners to develop successful beers.

What You’ll Do
  • While for the first bit you’ll be very focused on developing a new product line and brewery operation with BHC, you’ll eventually transition to overseeing all production activities and production personnel.
  • You’ll continually understand consumer demands and preferences and work with upper management and the marketing team to develop interesting and unique beers that actually taste good.
  • When it comes to equipment and maintenance you’ll be doing it all, from researching and advising on new requirements to organizing repairs and maintenance, to ensure excellent brewery facilities are maintained at all times.
  • As part of the BHC management team, you’ll spend some of your time managing the brewery team and definitely will understand staffing needs, how to schedule efficiently, trains staff, and participates in the hiring process for the brewery.
  • Health, safety, and hygiene will be involved in everything you do and every time you make a decision. Ensuring there is a framework and routine lab testing is in place, creating a safe work environment, and maintaining records to ensure compliance with applicable policies, laws, and regulations.
  • Establishing, presenting and tracking budgets and inventories in relation to production, development, staffing and purchasing for the brewery.
  • But maybe most importantly, you’ll brew beer!
What You’ll Need
  • An intense passion for beer.
  • Understanding of the importance of communication and culture building within an organization
  • Creative and innovative ideas and the ability to use that creativity to problem solve and motivate others
  • Collaborative work style and team focus
  • Ability to work with others sensitively, tactfully, diplomatically, and professionally at all times
  • Travel may be required
  • Connecting with people and building trusting relationships comes easy to you

Job Requirements:

What We’re Looking For
  • While you’re likely an avid “beer nerd” you have the education and experience to back it up. Specifically, you’ve taken a diploma program in a recognized Brewery Operations Program or a degree in biology, microbiology, chemistry, chemical engineering, food science or food technology. Plus, you have at least 2 years’ of hands-on experience brewing beer in a commercial facility.
  • Thorough competency in all aspects of beer production including raw material sourcing, yeast management, sanitation, quality control, preservation, and dispensing.
  • Ability to lift at least 30 pounds from ground level
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time

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