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Belgrade, SRB 

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Full time



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  • Control and manage of all brewing processes.
  • Lead the Brewhouse production plan ensuring the quality of the working environment, hygiene standards, HACCP and ISO9001. 
  • Help set out production targets and meet demand plans.
  • Manage and train our talented and developing brew team, and set clear goals and team focus.
  • Be responsible for data collection, record keeping and understanding analysis of the brew process and organoleptic assessment.
  • Communicate and implement cross department aspects. Organize sampling and analysis with an accredited laboratory during the production process as well as the final product.
  • Create, approve and sign all reports prescribed by the state closely related to the technological process.

Job Requirements:

  • Hold a degree in Food Technology or Chemical Engineering, with a minimum 3 years production experience. 
  • Demonstrate experience of process management and have confidence in supervising and managing a team. 
  • Be an excellent problem solver, reliable team player and a clear communicator with a passion for Kabinet Brewery!

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