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Management / Finance
 Cost Accountant
 Financial Analyst
 Financial Officer / Manager
 General Manager
 HR Specialist
 Human Resources Manager
 Information Tech
 Investment Advisor
 Plant Manager
 Production Manager
 Public Relations Manager
 Senior Executive
Sales / Marketing
 Brand Manager
 Brand Strategy / Development
 Chief Marketing Officer
 Licensee Training
 Market Research
 Media & Digital Marketing
 Promotions Management
Craft Breweries
 Assistant Brewer
 Brewing Department
 Financial Manager
 General Manager
 Head Brewer (Brewpub)
 Head Brewer (Micro)
 Logistics Department
 Marketing Manager
 Operations Manager
 Packaging Department
 Plant Maintenance
 Sales Department
 Sales Manager
Brewing / Packaging
 Apprentice Brewer
 Assistant Brewer
 Brewing Supervisor
 Equipment Operators
 Lab Technician
 Line Supervisor
 Packaging Department Manager
 Packaging Engineer
 Packaging Maintenance
 Process and Product Development
 Quality Control Manager
Engineering / Maintenance
 Chemical Engineer
 Civil Engineer
 Electrical Engineer (Automation)
 Environmental / Utilities Engineer
 Equipment Installation Techician
 Maintenance Engineer
 Process Design Engineer
 Project Engineer
 Project Manager
Logistics / Supply Chain
 Distribution Manager
 Fleet Management / Maintenance
 Production Scheduling
 Supply Chain Management

Financial / Investment
 Business Plans
 Capacity Evaluation
 Equipment Valuation
 Fairness Opinions
 Financial Due Diligence
 Financial Valuations
 Interim Brewmaster / Mentoring
 Interim Operations Manager / Mentoring
 Interim Packaging Manager / Mentoring
 Interim Plant Manager / Mentoring
 Strategic Aquisitions
Commercial Strategy
 Brand (Portfolio) Development
 Interim Marketing Manager / Mentoring
 Market Research
 Supply Chain / Procurement
Engineering Services
 Brewing Process Requirements and Design
 Electrical (Automation)
 Electrical (Power)
 Packaging (Design & Operational Efficiency)
 Steam & CO2
 Utilities Requirements
 Water / Wastewater
Capital Projects
 Commission and Training
 Craft Brewery - Brewpub
 Craft Brewery - Micros
 Equipment Installation
 Facilities Upgrade / Expansion
 Feasibility / Payback Studies
 Project Management
 Stainless Steel Welder
 Tendering & Contracting
Brewing / Operations
 Beer Quality
 Brewing / Process Consulting
 Continuous Improvements
 Logistics and Distribution
 Operations Benchmarking
 Operations Master Plans
 Packaging Optimization
 Quality Management (QMS)
 Raw Materials Specialists

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