Head Brewer


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Lacombe, AB, CA 


$60,000+ per year


Craft Breweries: Brewmaster - Formally Educated/Trained, Head Brewer, Brewing Department

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Full time



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Head Brewer

Job Description:

Located in sunny Lacombe (Alberta), Blindman Brewing believes first and foremost in making great beer for the great people. And what do we need to make this happen? Great people to join our growing family.

We are looking for a talented brewer with an excellent palate to come onboard and lead brewing operations. If you are looking to put your skills to the test and grow with a beer-first focused brewery, we might just be the place for you.

The brewery includes a 15 BBL 2-vessel Specific Mechanical brewhouse with a growing number of single, double and quad fermenters; a growing barrel fleet and 2 x 30 hL foeders (previously filled with cognac) as well as a lively taproom.

The Head Brewer will be involved in all aspects of the brewing side of production including, but not ever limited to (if you have been in craft, you know):
  • Brewing and cellaring
  • Recipe creation and development
  • Quality control and assurance and lab and such
  • Creation and execution of a sensory program
  • Implementation of new equipment
  • Barrel and foeder-aging
The Head Brewer will also be heavily involved in new projects that will be imminently happening. Like this spring. These include installing and dialing in a centrifuge, a spontaneous fermentation project (coolship), working with an adjacent craft distillery on novel blends of spirits and beer and collaborating with our favourite breweries in Alberta and beyond.

Job Requirements:

What we hope you have done and can do:
  • A few years of experience in a commercial brewery – 5 would be cool
  • An ability to teach and lead future brewery stars
  • Have a strong handle on recipe design and a working knowledge of beer styles
  • An open mind for new beer styles and new ways of doing things
  • MacGyver-esque problem solving skills
  • A good understanding of equipment/how things work
  • Experience with non-Sacch yeasts and bacteria
  • Ridiculous attention to detail
  • A willingness to learn and grow and have fun (it is beer after all)
If you are able to do these things and are excited about what we do, you will be compensated! We believe in a work-life balance that includes paying people well (Alberta is a higher-paying market generally and for brewers specifically), health benefits, rewarding all for the successes we have, encouraging growth in education and travel and fostering a culture of inclusivity and solidarity.