Brewmaster/Head Brewer


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North Bay, ON, CA 


Craft Breweries: Brewmaster - Formally Educated/Trained, Head Brewer



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Full time



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Brewmaster/Head Brewer

Job Description:

Musicians are passionate people, and when they get together to make music they put everything they have into their performance. When the crowd connects with the music, that's when the magic happens. Making beer is the same; a harmonious blend of ingredients, carefully handled and followed through until the final product is a glorious masterpiece. That same passion and dedication to creating the perfect song is what drives us to make the best beer possible. We are a group of musicians and music lovers that are excited to join in the jam session of craft beer and we are looking for the right player who can help us take this brewery out of the jam space and onto the mainstage. Does this sound like it could be you?

About Us:
Northern Ontario breweries are currently experiencing a massive explosion of interest and Gateway City Brewery is excited to jump in and contribute to a growing culture of great beer in Ontario. Our commitment to the highest quality products, a focus on sustainability, and a dedication to supporting the local community are the driving factors towards our success in the brewing industry. North Bay is a beautiful, scenic location with endless year-round outdoor activities, breathtaking nature, a vibrant arts & culture community and a relative low cost of living. We are looking for the right fit within our organization to help us bring our vision to life!

Job Duties:
  • Creation, testing and development of plant-based recipes (no animal products)
  • Management/Overseeing of brewing/cellar staff
  • Supply management of raw materials, including ordering stock, inventory control
  • Yeast management and propagation (Lab provided on-site)
  • Quality Control - Ensuring a spotless brewhouse and sanitation process; regular testing of product for consistency and quality.
  • Formulation and enforcement of Standard Operating Procedures; Ensures health and safety regulations are followed, staff training
  • Equipment, cellaring, cleaning and maintenance best practices, SOP development and enforcement
  • A collaborative, service-focused, approachable and inclusive demeanour (interest in music and hockey an asset, but not necessary)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; basic computer skills
  • Enthusiasm to engage with clients and general public as an ambassador for the brewery including attending brewery events, festivals, etc.
  • Personable, dedicated and focused on success.

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum of three years in a production brewery
  • Degree in Brewing Science or Technology preferred
  • A passion for craft beer, an excellent work ethic, and a desire to lead our brewing team and to help us grow.

If you don't have all of these qualities, we would still like to hear from you!